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Crocs for Dogs — Yes, they exist! But, should they?

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In the ever-changing world of viral sensations, it was probably inevitable that Dog Crocs would become a thing. Search Tik Tok for “Dog Crocs” and you’ll see what I mean.

We’ll file this under “silly products for pets,” along with the Snoop Doggie Doggs line of pet accessories.

Are Crocs for Dogs Real?

Right now you might be asking, “Are dog Crocs real?” the answer is yes, sort of.

Does Crocs make shoes for dogs? No. But Homelifthub makes “Crocs” for dogs and they are pretty adorable.

Will your dog be able to walk in the “Crocs?” No. These dog shoes are strictly photo props.

They come in 7 adorable, bright colors. The price is pretty good. Just $12.99 for four shoes. Will you be able to get all four shoes on before your dog makes its opinion known and walks those four feet away? Probably not.

If you’re planning to have your dog walk around in these shoes you’ll probably be one of the many people who have left low ratings for this product. There are valid reasons for dogs to wear shoes (aka “booties”): hot pavement in the summer; ice in the winter. Dog boots can be a great help! These “crocs” do not serve that purpose.

Unlike Nancy Sinatra’s boots, these “Crocs” are not made for walking!

tiny pink crocs
Photo by Mace Publishing, LLC

But if you just want a couple of cute pictures, maybe it’s worth it! You can even get a picture of you and your dog wearing matching “Crocs!”

The “Crocs” are suitable only for small dogs, with paws that are no wider than 1.3 inches and no longer than 2.25 inches.

Here’s the product of another “Dog Crocs” seller. They’re very similar. Possibly the same product. Again, not for walking.

Pro Tips:

  • Just put the shoes on your dog’s front feet.
  • Ideally, have three humans on the team: one to put the shoes on, one to get the dog’s attention with a treat, and one to take the picture.
  • Work quickly.

We Tried It

Although I followed some of my “pro tips” above, my dogs would have none of it. They were terrified of the shoes. I got one picture of one of my dogs near the “Crocs.” The other dog put in an official complaint against me and avoided me the rest of the night and didn’t care that I had cheese to give him.

White dog sitting behind tiny pink crocs shoes
Photo: Mace Publishing, LLC

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.