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Local Gift Guide for Pets

Don’t overlook your dog or cat when you’re holiday shopping. Your best friend deserves the best Christmas present!

You might also want to know what Christmas food is safe for your dog!

Pet in the City has helped to put together a gift guide for Charlotte pets! You can shop in person at the store at 9600 Monroe Road, Charlotte, North Carolina, or you can shop online at They offer free local delivery for orders $49 and over, with a $4.99 delivery fee for orders under $49.

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Enrichment Toys

enrichment toys for dogs, with treat to put in them

Have you ever walked your dog only to come home and have it still completely full of energy? Try using enrichment toys to work their brain. Believe it or not, a dog’s mind needs to be stimulated just as much as its body. Try using lick mats, Snuffle mats and brain teasers such as treat puzzles and balls. Get Emat enrichment lick mat with Buddy Budder. They’ll thank you!

Shop for Snuffle toys.

Shop for lick mats.

Shop for puzzles for your dog.

Shop for West Paw toys.

Freshen Up

three candles in different colors in jars

Looking for a gift for a friend, try holiday-scented Pet Odor Exterminator Candles that are made especially for covering up any pet odors. Bonus, they burn for hours and smell amazing.

Scents include:

  • Howl-i-days — A seasonal blend of bayberry, eucalyptus, cedarwood and cloves
  • Deck the Paws — Blend of frosted cranberries, blue spruce and iced citrus
  • Peppermint Bark — Blend of peppermint leaf, dark cocoa and vanilla sugar

Shop for candles.

five spray bottles with air freshener

There are even sprays that are good for that last minute freshen-up for your room.

Festive Apparel

three festival dog bandanas

We all want to look festive for that family picture, so why leave the dog out of the fun? Holiday bandanas and sweaters can be a fun gift to give or to get for your pet.

several holiday themed dog leashes

Try a festive collar too. Pet in the City carries a wide range of fun, colorful collars.

You might also be interested in dog-friendly patios in Charlotte!

Calming Products

collection of packaged supplements for pets

If your dog or cat is a bit scared of all the excitement the holidays bring, there are many products that can actually calm your pet down. There are products both with and without CBD, and there is a product that’s right for your pet.

Shop for CBD products for your pet.

Holiday Themed Toys

holiday toys for pets on a display

Don’t forget all the holiday themed toys your local pet supply store like Pet in the City will have. Fun and durable play is always a happy day. Look for fun, holiday-themed Fab Dog Floppies like Santa, gingerbread man and an elf.

cat toys and catnip

Don’t leave the cat out of the fun. There are plenty of feline toys, as well as treats like catnip lumps and Feast of Fishies.

Interested in spending some time with adoptable cats? Learn about five cat cafes in the Charlotte area!


two kinds of cookies for dogs, in festive packaging

Don’t forget your pet when everyone is enjoying holiday treats. Look for healthy, small-batch-made treats for your dog or cat, like Bocce’s Bakery’s Elf Bites and Peppermint Bark.

Check out this list of Charlotte pet supply stores!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.