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Sniffspot — rent a dog park all for your dog

Until recently in Charlotte, if you didn’t have a fenced yard for your dog, your choices were to walk your dog on a leash or bring your dog to a dog park in Charlotte.

At a dog park, dogs can play off-leash, but there are downsides too. Your dog might encounter dogs that are not well-socialized, or even aggressive. Some dog-owners are inattentive. Even among well-socialized dogs, there can be “personality conflicts” that can become ugly. Or maybe your dog is the one who doesn’t “play well with others.”

There’s another option now. Sniffspot is a platform on which people who have suitable, fenced yards can list their yard as a dog park. You reserve a time and pay by the hour, and you and your dogs have the space all to yourself. Sort of a private dog park!

If you’re the one with a fenced yard, you can list it on Sniffspot and make some passive income.

Two dogs playing in a yard
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How Does Sniffspot Work?

Sniffspot works like airbnb. If you have used airbnb the interface will be familiar to you. You enter your location and you’ll be presented a map with pins that show the dog parks, and a listing for each.

You can see filter by distance, size, and other features, including:

  • Water anemities
  • Good for hiking
  • Small-dog friendly
  • Dog agility equipment
  • Beach space
  • More

You pay per hour, per dog. Most of the dog parks range from $4 to $10 per dog per hour. Some offer a 50% discount for a second dog. Also, some dog parks offer a discount if you just want a 30 minute visit.

There’s a rating system in place, so you’ll rate the dog park and the dog park owner will rate you. Make sure to clean up any waste from your dog and treat the yard with care.

Some hosts offer memberships. You pay a fixed amount per month and receive a discount for a certain number of hours a month, plus benefits like members-only hours.

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What Are the Advantages of Sniffspot?

2 dogs playing in a kiddie pool
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Safety: The biggest advantage of using Sniffspot over traditional dog parks is that you and your dogs will have the area to yourselves, so you don’t have to worry about negative interactions between dogs, including aggression, or even disease. Your dog can get necessary exercise in a safe spot.

Excitement: Your dog gets to sniff around a new spot! Unfamiliar smells are exciting to dogs, who use their noses to learn about the world. So, checking out various Sniffspot yards is a form of mental stimulation.

Amenities: Some Sniffspot yards have fun amenities, both for dogs and humans. Read the listings and you’ll sometimes see hammocks for people, a kiddie pool for your pooch, and more.

Neutrality: You can book for your dog and your dog’s friend, so that they can have a chance to play in a neutral territory. Even if you have your own yard, many dogs get along better away from their home base.

All breeds are welcome.

Popular Charlotte Sniffspot Yards

Here are some top-rated Sniffspot yards in the Charlotte area.

Puppy Yard at Plaza: Fully fenced, grassy .25 acre yard near Plaza Midwood. $9/dog/hour.

Lexi’s Fully Fenced Private Yard with Agility Equipment: Near NoDa and Plaza Midwood. .25 acres. Includes agility equipment! $10/dog/hour.

4 Paws Ranch: 5 acres in Belmont. Tons of fun amenities, including a kiddie pool, dog towels, a trampoline, woods and a creek. For humans there is a fire pit, wifi, hammocks and more. $10/dog/hour.

Fully Fenced Yard For Dogs in Lake Wylie: .25 acres. $4/dog/hour.

Angie’s Private Splash Heaven in Monroe: 9 acres, and includes a swimming pool, a pons, woods, and 4 acres of cleared yard. A sprinkler using well water is available. $10/dog/hour.

Sharae’s 1 Acre Fully Fenced Private Yard In Gastonia: 1 acre in Gastonia. Fertilizer-free and pesticide-free. $9/dog/hour.

How to Rent Your Yard Through Sniffspot

Registering as a Sniffspot host is a way to earn passive income. You don’t have to be there to supervise. Just sign up as a host to get started.

Sniffspot provides $2 million of liability insurance and $5,000 of damage protection. Vaccinations and flea/parasite preventative are required for all dogs.

There is no flat fee to host with Sniffspot. Sniffspot’s commission is about 25%:

  • 22% for Sniffspot operations and marketing (including liability insurance, customer service, web ops, etc.)
  • 2.9% plus $0.30 per charge paid to the payment processor for credit card processing

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.